2021 Events

We are Focusing this 2021 on sharing 3 Energies 1. our Film “A Koha for Aotearoa” and 2. Art Video Earth Air Fire and Water and 3. Our Healing Song and Story Circles with our Aboriginal Elders, Healers and Friends.

In July we will be in Menindee NSW. Camping together in the North for the Gathering called

“Council of Elders Activation, for Mother Earth and Her Protectors”
You are all Welcome to attend and support this gathering.

During this year we will visit 12 other Sacred Sites to show our Film and share our Healing Spirit with the Land and the People gathered upon it.

We are at Nungeena Womens Place in the Glasshouse Mountains soon.

Please see our facebook pages for details as we will post info there as we go along for our events and where we shall be. All are welcome to attend.

All our events are not for profit, usually by donation or trade. We are drug and alcohol free at all times during our events.

We are focusing this year on our

Intention of Land

to be donated to us with Great Spirits Guidance.
to Gather on, Produce Food on and to Protect.

We will call this Place.

“A Vital Earth Community.”

Cohesive Living.

This will have certain protocols in place that is all inclusive. More as we go along. Earth Thunder our Cherokee Grandmother, ( now Deceased) gave us the new Paradym sharings and guidelines and common sense for such a community in 2000.

Walking in the Footsteps of the Ancestors. is our facebook event page. Free membership.