Hands Around The World

Friends of HATW

Our Mentor and Elder Chief William White Eagle The Eagle Staff Carrier of over 45 years for the Lakota Nation,Passed gently last month in South Dakota USA.
May his Memory, Visions and Actions Keep us Walking Together Strong.
He was a very Proud Loving Grand Father of all of the Hands Around the World Team from all over the World Prayers were sent…
Hawaii 2018 is dedicated to Chief Williams Courage and Convictions and Mentorship.

Please see the facebook page Walking in the footsteps of the Ancestors for Williams Poem written by Lynne Sealotus.

Our Peace Keepers are:

Wisdom Holders, Staff Carriers, Holy People, Chiefs and Educators. All are Highly Respected within their Communities. Respect is for Mother Earth and All Her Relations.

Here are Some of our Respected Peacekeepers:
Ben Rhodd, William White Eagle, Lynne Sealotus,
Uncle Bob Randall, Aunty Liz Conner, Yvonne Tait,
Rachelle Figueroa and the Grandmothers, the 13 Clanmothers of Morningstar Foundation USA. Bilawarra Lee.

As well as our Aboriginal Dancers / Singers with Ray Buchanan, Choreographer.

Peace Ambassadors,Hake Family,Lakota families,Aboriginal Families Gumbangarri Nation,And All Beings in the Spirit Realm who take Good Care of Us.

Some of our Friends  and Family:

Nobel Peace Award Nominee 2007, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Lakota Ed Eagleman McGAaa, Heather Hakes,
Xavier Rudd Musician, Banawurun Aboriginal Band,Oka,
Uncle Bunnah Lawrie,Kim Kimbersly Filmaker, In Your Face Productions, Aunty Olive Bullock NZ, Carol Grey,
Si Wild Marmalade, Gungagirri, Trevor Jamieson Actor,
Big Arm Band.Sound Campaign and Jason Fielding Filmaker. Elders from Kanyini Inma Dance, Mititjulu Community Uluru, Wilpena Pound Flinders Ranges Community S.A.

the Ponga Family from NZ Maori Elders Temo and Rungi. Cherokee Elder Earththunder,Bear Raven Mychal Kordas.Uncle Bobby Mc Cloud and the Doonooch Dancers and Family.Bennelong.Southern Cross Uni Prof Judy Aitkinson and Staff,Arakwal Elders,Planet Corroboree.Musicians Taj Mahal,Eric Burden,Paul Kelly,Catch a Fire.Gurymil Yunipingu,kateland,shandor,charla

Dale Ascension Music,Colin Jarrett Elder,Elizabeth Mandarez and Spirit family NZ and Australia,Jocelyn Joyti ma Hurley, Dalai Lama,Amber Edmondson model artist,Troy Dann Filmaker,Krystal Fisher,Wayne Fisher Spectrum Aviation,Charles Fairfax,Bedarra Rose Musician,Fiona Stokes and the IID College Staff Alice Springs,Elder Ted Currie, Robyn Maher.

Aunty Ehetere Watson,Fiona and Mark Reynolds One Earth Foundation,Ehulani Stephany Hula , Deb Nanschild Sri Devi, Kerriann Cox, Mark McMurtie,Talc Alf,Kevin Robb Mt Magnificent, Uli Hotsound, Annette and Terri Kalacc Kimberly,

Lez Beckett Musician,Temo and Rungi, Uncle Herb,Anne Maher,Turtle,Norm,Russell Family, and all other dancers from Sydney Harbour,Uncle Max.Rhubee Neale,Red Hot Arts Alice Springs,Dale,Anahola,Kim,christopher,Shona,Tom, mob Hawaii,Bennelong.

Andrew Mignot and Anna Parker.. Dances of Universal Peace..Russian Artist Irena Kirpichnikova…Trevor Energetic Masters…Lynne and Greg Hughes…Uncle Freddy Agius..Uncle Jeffrey Newchurch…Tanya Hunter..Anne Maree Toranto and Nigel Carney…Di Starwick…Aunty Noeline Lester..Uncle Kym Dodd..Uncle Sonny Butler…Uncle Bill Allen and Dhinawan…Womyn of the Sun…Kirsty Barkem..Niel Reithmuller..

Aunty Enice Marsh and Camp Law Mob Adnyamathanah Elders of the Flinders Ranges, Uncle Reg Wilton, Uncle Ken McKenzie Aunty Margaret McKenzie,Aunty Jaquie McKenzie,Aunty Beatrice Mckenzie,Aunty Noeline Ryan and Families.Aunties Jane Lesley Linda Coulthard,Tanya McKenzie, Grandmother Christine Gregg, Canadian Grandmother Jose Weninger and Families. Jeff Shaw, Andrena Forrest…..EarthThunder….Liz Murphy chef HATW…Trevor Edwards…Josephine Frost..Joy Kachina..Dian Edmondson

Founding Members and Co-Founders of HATW Lynne Sealotus Edmondson Artist Educator Chief William WhiteEagle Lakota Nation Eagle Staff Carrier Aunty Elizabeth Conner Knox Gomiloroi Elder Educator Songwoman Yvonne Tait Herbalist

Ehulani Stephany Hawaiian Kahuna,Rachel Finlay,Cassie Adams,Frederique Marie Robert Educator,Tanya Hunter,Craig Rose photographer/ surfer Rosie,Krystal Fisher Teacher,Bedarra Rose Singer, Jayarny Rose,Amber Vinter,James Dixon.Jenny Templin,Hunumani.Wandjila

Co-Founders Jane Campion Filmaker Uncle Bunna Lawrie Mirning Aboriginal Elder Uncle Ray Buchanan Gumbangiirri Elder Dancer Fiona Gosse One Intention Earth Rachelle Figueroa Arapaho Medicine Woman Educator Aunty Bilawarra Lee Larrikiya Aboriginal Educator Uncle Joseph McKenzie

Acknowledgement (now deceased) 9th September 2014.

We would like to formally acknowledge my partner Adnyamathanah Elder and Songman… Uncle Joseph Thomas McKenzie… for his commitment and dedication to following the Dream of Unity and Love through Uniting the People through Education of Each others Differences culminating in the HATW 2013 and HATW 2014 International Festival Events and for his Wisdom and Courage to negotiate huge changes within his own Community of the Flinders Ranges SA bringing Awareness.AS Custodians and Protectors of Land Water Earth…..Keeping the People Alive Happy Healthy and Wise….Culture First.