Hands Around The World


Blessings to all our film participants we appreciate your kindness in volunteering for this amazing project.

Especially we Thank Great Spirit and all our Wonderful Elders Past Present and Emerging. Our Participants and our Film maker Morgan Miller from Sir Reel Films.

To support Morgan in doing more with our film please purchase a copy for $25 USA. Just email Morgan Miller at email: sirreelpictures@gmail.com


click here to order a DVD online 

Not for Profit  Sovereignty group focus.

We are looking for hosts to contact us on sealotus1959@hotmail.com for  showings of our wonderful documentary film in Australia and around the world. We are not for profit. The Film carries the message of Collaboration Community and Sovereignty. A role- model for our future. All People involved with this film are Sovereign People, who gave of themselves and of their talents for the greater good. We thank all our Generous Spirited People who made this film and its message possible.

See our facebook pages for regular event updates on walking in the footsteps of the ancestors.

This film is rated PG. It was shown on u-tube but taken down as the content was not good fit to their u-tube regulations. We are on a private platform now in vimeo.


Click here to view online 

Password is:  aotearoa

Donations towards the cost of making this film are greatly appreciated. if you could offer $5 or $10, we would be grateful.
ALTERNATIVE SITE FOR VIEWING – https;//vimeo.com/ondemand/walkingfootsteps



Our Sponsors

contact Lynne Sealotus Edmondson on sealotus1959@hotmail.com or

ph 61+ 0477842684.


 Morgan Miller

Filmaker e: sirreelpictures@gmail.com

Order your own copy of” Walking in the Footsteps of the Ancestors”.With Morgan add postage from USA. $30 each on DVD.

For ongoing costs of editing and filming events.


 Ehulani Stephany Elder and Traditional Kumu Teacher. Not for profit. Hula Cultural Group Big Island Hawaii.

“Halau Hulaka Makani Hali Ala O Puna”

direct deposits into Paypal: Kuliaikanuu88@gmail.com ( place in as a friend of HATW)

e: ehulanistephany@ymail.com

Singer Kimberley and Todd Hawaiian Hula Dancer with Ehulani our Elder and Kumu Dance Group… Mother Earths Channelled Healing Songs and Lyrics


Kathy Grace O’Connell. and Uncle Hecta Herakuiha Maori Sovereignty Leaders of the Group, “United Kingdom of New Zealand”.. 

 e: kgraceoconnell@gmail.com and support the Raglan and their broader Community in New Zealand.


 Uncle Bunna Lawrie.First Nations Aboriginal Mirning Whale Dreaming Elder from South Australia.

For ongoing Lawyer fees to help Protect and Save the Whales and all Cultural Areas of Significance and Sacredness.

Donate directly to his foundation:



Andrena Forrest Elder & Ceremonial Celtic Sound Healer& Earth Healer.Glastonbury England.

e: andrenahealer@gmail.com


Aya Kamanakai  Iwasaki Japanese Womens Ceremonial Rites of Passage. Empowering All Women.

ayabeloved@gmail.com Online


 Lakota Elder and Grandfather, Sundance and Sacred Pipe … Ben Rhodd..Eagle Who Comes First

Our Mentor was with Chief William White Eagle (deceased).

e: brhodd1@yahoo.com


Nigel Carney our Green Lawyer based in Adnyamathanha Country  the Flinders Ranges South Australia.

Protecting all Yarta Lands and Sacred Places.

e: sponprod@gmail.com

e: nigel@williamlightfoundation.org


Adelaide Aboriginal Group.

Kura Yerlo  Inc. Sharing Culture.

contact: Uncle Fred Agius and Katrina Power  for how to donate to this group.

On Facebook.


 Bundjulung Elders Group NSW

contact Dale Roberts on: dalesimoneroberts@gmail.com messenger.


 Barbara Anne Syassen

 Childrens Book Author

First Nations Writer of” Healing Trees” focused Stories.

Order you r copy here.

e: hello@goodlifestyle.com


 Aunty Carol Gray and Karina  Aunty Carols Daughter.

 Maori Ceremonial Leaders. Aotearoa and Australia.



Aunty Patricia Morrison

Aboriginal First Nations Elder from Western Australia

e: nwyorga1@gmail.com