General news pre- 2019

Old Man Possum …Uncle Bill Allen…visited us here for a week, we took him around country..he loved it and will be back with his son soon..

Aunty Elizabeth Conner Knox our Gomiloroi Educator and Songwoman has been asked to supply the Waradjiri People a copy of her Healing Song “Heal my Spirit’ for use at the upcoming honoring of the original Aboriginal name of the Bathurst Race Track..this came out of the Tag a long Tour recently to the Flinders Ranges.

Aunty Leslie Coulthard represented Adnyamathanah Culture and Art at the Guam International Indigenous Art Festiva in May this year…by showcasing a film of Yulu the Kingfisher Dreaming Story, created at the Leigh Creek Public School SA by the children.Aunty Leslie was scared of flying so we had a little practice in February to get her ready by flying from Adelaide to Gold Coast together..she flew home alone after a week sharing and visiting Nimbin,Evans Head Goanna Dreaming…etc and she felt fantastic she said afterward..very empowering..

Uncle Freddy Agius Mens Group in Port Adelaide…. is attracting funding now for their many healing and empowering projects his recent t-shirt design is very beautiful and he so excited about this and perhaps a new bus for the men to travel together for camping trips healing and visiting homelands.

Liz Murphy …our lovely HATW chef…is visiting the Orangatang Centre again this December..raising awareness to us all to protect this endangered species by banning the use of Palm Oil, deforestation…in all products such as shampoo etc..check the bottle ingredients…which is destroying their native forests….the Adelaide Zoo banned Palm Oil use it can be in many food products.

Andrew Mignot had a birthday in Byron Bay a 60th and raised money and awreness for the Orangautans.

Rachel Finlay has been nursing/midwife/ICU in remote Port Headland WA and loving it..meeting the wild WA coast and its People.Christine Sellman is loving the NT move and working nursing in Aboriginal communities…Uncle Hector just finished his building project a great granny flat for his family in Sydney…..Aunty Nellie Patterson released her new t-shirt design..New Way Dreaming..available on Womyn of the Sun website..Aunty Dr Gillian Marsh was nominated to stand for the Greens in SA ..we voted for her..a Aboriginal Woman Greenie..Wonderful…

Wandjila means Dolphin in Aboriginal Language of the SA Mirning permission Uncle Buna Lawrie..Wakinyan Means The Thunder Beings Healing Waters Lightening Native American Sioux Lakota Language..Wanblee is the Spotted Eagle of Peace..Lakota Sioux…this is by permission Chief William WhiteEagle…represented on our logo… the Eagle and the Dolphin our Animal Totems for HATW.

Protect all of our Animal Friends where ever you can… you are their voice..they can speak to us in dreams and inspire us with their wildness and love..if they become extinct then we are not far behind them are we?? They speak to us with the colours of their white skin and feathers and in the White Whale and the White Buffolo..White Kangaroo we are very rare creatures..their message is..”We need your help..protect us and our homes from more destruction..we come in white to say we are the leaders of our animal nations and we need your help”…