Walking In The Footsteps Of The Ancestors
Global Indigenous People Cultural Exchange
MARCH 16th to MARCH 30th 2019,

With our Special Hawaiian Kahunas Our Aboriginal Elders from Australia Our Maori Elders our Native American Elders and HATW invited Guests  Artists and Healers with the Seven Sacred Ceremonies

All accomodations are a give away from our Hawaiian hosts and are complimentary for our attending guests.

Breakfast 8-9am, lunch 12-1 pm or (bag lunch to go,)
and dinner 7-8 pm, and will be served at Kumu Ehulani’s hale (home) daily, along with a fire circle every evening, **schedule is subject to change due to weather, other reasons or conditions**

**(Special guests)** will be coming by throughout your stay to share of their culture, music, healing works, etc. and also the sharing of your culture with us at the fire circle

Arriving Saturday March 16, 2019
Drive to accommodations, unpack, and bathe, rest, dinner, followed by welcoming fire circle

Sunday March 17, 2019
Breakfast 8-9am
Orientation and explanation of itinerary, journey’s, workshops, cultural exchange event, schedule massages, protocols, and Hawaiian culture exchange with aloha, answering all questions
Lunch 12-1 pm
Day of rest and massages, driving around local area, a restful exploring day.
7-8 pm Dinner, followed by fire circle


Monday March 18, 2019
Breakfast 8-9 am
10-12 noon relaxing drive to coast and walking around
12-1 pm Lunch
1-3 pm Breathing Lomi Lomi workshop with Kahuna Nui (high priestess) Leina’ala Brown
4:30-6:30 experiencing the Hawaiian Hula with na Keiki (children) and learning the basic steps of the Hula with Kumu and adult students
7-8 pm Dinner, followed by fire circle

Tuesday March 19, 2019 **(Water Energy Journey)**
Breakfast 8-9 am
Lunch (bag lunch)
10 am- 6 pm Water Energy Journey
Water cleansing/blessing at Moku Ola
Picnic lunch at the beautiful Liliu’okalani Park, visiting amazing waterfalls in the Hilo district
7-8 pm Dinner, followed by fire circle


Wednesday March 20, 2019 **(Dolphin swim and whale watching)**
(Breakfast to go) leaving at 6:30 am for Kona side of island
8:30-10:30 dolphin swim and whale watching on chartered boat
11:30-12:30 pm lunch at Beach Park in Kona
12:30 driving to Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park
2 pm driving to Punalu’u Black Sand Beach Park to see the Hawaiian Honu (sea turtles)
4:30 driving back to Puna District
7-8 pm Dinner, followed by fire circle

Thursday March 21, 2019 **(Fire Energy Journey)**
Breakfast 8-9 am
Lunch (Bag Lunch)
10 am-6 pm Fire Energy Journey
Journey into sacred lava tube, cave of Pelehonuamea with ceremony
12 pm travel up to Volcano National Park
12:30-1:30 lunch
1:30 everyone will learn how to make a traditional ho’okupu (offering) followed with a short hike to edge of crater for ceremony and ho’okupu from everyone
2:30-5:30 driving to visit several volcano craters and a walk to Pu’u Loa Petroglyph’s, known as the largest petroglyph’s field in the Polynesian archives                                                                                          7-8 pm Dinner, followed by fire circle

Friday March 22, 2019
Breakfast 8-9 am
10-12 (Special guest) Mick Kalber, sharing about the volcano and video’s that he has captured for many years working with Pele
Lunch 12-1 pm
1-4 pm Workshop with Mahiehie Arakaki, the Beauty Way
4-7 taking time to prepare for event the next day, and rest
7-8 pm Dinner, followed by fire circle


Saturday March 23, 2019 ** (Cultural exchange event)**
Breakfast 8-9 am
Lunch (bag lunch)
9-4 Day of Cultural Exchange Event, setting up, event program, and cleaning up
4-7 Rest, bathe, unpack art work, etc.
7-8 pm Dinner, followed by fire circle



Sunday March 24, 2019 ** (Air/Fire Energy Journey)**
Breakfast 8-9 am
Lunch (bag lunch)
10-5:30 pm Mauna Loa Journey/ceremony
We will have lunch around 12 pm on Mauna Loa by a hidden lava tube, followed by everyone learning how to make a special lei from sacred leaves, and creating a ho’okupu (offering)
1 pm driving further up the mountain to sacred area for ceremony and blessings, along with sound healing from large Hawaiian Drum
4:30 driving back to Puna District
7-8 pm Dinner, followed by fire circle

Monday March 25, 2019 **(Earth Energy Journey)**
Breakfast 8-9 am
Lunch (bag lunch)
9:30- 6 pm Waipi’o Valley journey
Visiting the famous Waipi’o Valley, considered the Valley of the Kings
We’ll be working and restoring one of Hawai’i’s most powerful ancient temples in the islands, followed by a ceremony to honor our Hawaiian kings, queens, and Gods that lived and came from this sacred Valley. (Leaving around 5 pm back to Puna District)
7-8 pm Dinner, followed by fire circle

Tuesday March 26, 2019 **(Mauna Kea or na Heiau “temples” Journey)**
Breakfast 8-9 am
Lunch (bag lunch)
9:30-6 pm Mauna Kea sacred mountain, or visit our ancient Hawaiian temples and ancient villages
Leaving at 5 pm back to Puna District
7-8 pm Dinner, followed by fire circle


Wednesday March 27, 2019 **(Market and leisure day)**
Breakfast 8-9 am
Lunch (bag lunch)
10-2pm Shopping at Farmers market in Hilo town, lunch at park
5-8 pm Uncle Roberts Club in Kalapana
Having dinner there, **(everyone on their own for dinner,)**
 Many varieties of food, Hawaiian music, dancing, craft booths, shopping, a fun and leisure time for everyone to enjoy Hawaiian Style of fun and relaxation, and meeting with people of the area….
Fire circle when we return


Thursday March 28, 2019 **(Aloha Pa’ina)**

Breakfast 8-9

10-12 sharing of everyone’s experience
12-1 pm Lunch
1-3 pm leisure time, packing, resting
4-8 pm Lu’au Pa’ina (party) farewell to everyone with music, dancing, and dinner
Followed by farewell last fire circle


Friday March 29, 2019

Breakfast 8-9 am
Packing, resting, singing, music
12-1 pm Lunch
1 pm till departure, continuing of packing, resting, music, singing

Mahalo nui loa, a hui hou kakou, me kealoha pumehana,
Thank you very much, until we meet again, with Warm Love of Aloha


We can bring our Elders to your Upcoming Local or International Event/Program

We can travel direct to you with a small team of Experienced Elders to share with your group/event…

Our Healing Songs,Stories,Art,Film Vibrational Medicines.Traditional Medicines.These are New and Existential …Exciting Informative and Inspiring………can include Art Classes in Watercolours for Healing… Steiner Technique.

Also Available Personal Healing Sessions with Sealotus and The Dreamwarrior. ($88 with Flower Essence allow 2 hours)

Personal Tours Available upon request to Remote and Wild Flinders Ranges with Elders….Warkala Tour… Local Aboriginal Owned. Tag a long or in the 4wd..Day and longer tours available on request to suit your needs.Contact us for more info.


Walking in the Footsteps of the Ancestors - POSTPONED to March 2019 call 0477842684 for details.

Healing the Heart with Aloha
Dates are September 19th-Oct 4th 2018.
Cost is $1400
and plus your own booking for return airfares.
Includes All Chef prepared meals Accomodation,Camping under the Volcano.
or Air bnb luxury house to share room( $140) extra,
7 Sacred Hawaiian Traditional Ceremonies
Dolphin Swim ($100per person extra)
plus share 12 seater van costs when we go to the Ceremonies pick up airport and drop off.
Bookings Essential by Early Bird April 30th for a 5% discount. Deposits non refundable are $250.
email sealotus1959@hotmail.com or call 0477842684 for Bookings.
More information on our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/375432666225560/

Older events:

Click here to view movie trailer from the New Zealand Event

You can support this Journey by donating a Koha Gift and place into our Hands Around the World Account bsb 035065 acct 196884 Ordering a T-shirt for $40 With the Walking in the Footsteps....Limited edition

Buying artworks or cards...

Booking us in for future Workshops, Gatherings Events.

This Tour was inspired by several dreams over the years of Maori Ancestors and the meeting of Elder Ehetere Watson and Uncle Hecta Herekuiha at our Flinders Ranges Gatherings in 2013 and 2014.Although Aunty Ehetere has been my mentor for much longer than this in the early 2000 we met up.She helped us as a Maori Elder Lunch Hands Around the World in 2007.

Uncle Hecta and his families in sydney, helped me through the very difficult times of losing Uncle Joseph in 2014.So a Promise was made that we would travel to Aotearoa together and enjoy meeting the Ancient Land and Peoples in a Culturally appropriate Way.

So Our Itinery and Guidance is left up to Uncle Hecta and Aunty Ehetere our Elders for this Special Healing Journey.

Coming with us are Whale Dreaming Aboriginal Songman and Mentor of Hands Around the World Uncle Buna Lawrie, Our Hawaiian Kahunas with Elder Ehulani Stephany, Myself, Andrena Forrest Celtic Elder, Morgan Miller Filmaker from USA and his partner Jennifer Olinger sent to us from the Lakota Holy Man William WhiteEagle our Founding Father and Mentor since 2006.

Our Sponsors are Fiona And Mark Reynolds of the One Earth Foundation, we thank them very much for dinners and Eheteres koha of monies for the journey.And Also to uncle Hecta for his koha of Airticket for Ehetere.We are sponsoring Uncle Bunas Airtickets and travel costs as well as some for Ehetere.We have sponsored Hawaiians on go fund me. Our Hawaians have raised over $3000 US on go fund me to travel with us, well done.

We have already been invited to some wonderful gatherings via our facebook page. So please take a look and join in the fun...send us a selfie to post ...and name the painting posted especially done for this tour.

If you are interested in Sovreignty please check out our video avail on womynofthesun website which we will be sharing along the Way.

We will have stories songs art healing to offer as we travel and all will be filmed..so if you want to have your say please join us on facebook and tag a long with us on tour.We will post where we are as we travel together.A koha for our travel costs would be welcome as well. All welcome we are drug and alcohol free.

Art work...Was inspired by getting ready for this Tour painted by Lynne Sealotus Co Founder Hands Around the World.Doo you have a name to suggest for this amazing art work???


...Post a Selfie of yourself, pet with you, family with you and post onto our Facebook page with a positive message for our Elders to connect up as they begin Walking in the Footsteps of the Ancestors Tour Nov 4th-19th 2017.

So thankyou for your time to day... as we did the tag a long tour last September in the Flinders Ranges with the Adnyamathanha Peoples.... i know this will be as successful and a very Special Event as well. This is our very first International Event in Aotearoa, as we talked this up in 2014 in the Riverbed...around the Sacred Fire....

Flinders Ranges Gathering November 4 Days....2017

The People in the Flinders Ranges my family, through Uncle Joseph McKenzie, are gathering also over the November Season..4 days of Healing and Connecting to their Yarta. Aunty Enice Marsh has these details.Also Aunty Noeline Lester. on email balca43@hotmail.com Aunty Enice Marsh Who Adopted Aunty Ehetere in March 2013.or Aunty Noeline Lester on email nlester@centercarecdpp.org.au

We Pray that both these events which are co insiding across the ocean bring us into and activates within our Heartspace... Balance, Harmony and Peace.

Blessings Lynne Sealotus

Please contact Lynne Sealotus for any upcoming events to discuss your groups personal needs. sealotus1959@hotmail.com

Shirts are $40 plus postage and all limited edition for the tour. White only sizes small to 4XL Deposit of $20 required to order allow one month for delivery.

Hands Around the World

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*September/October 2017 HandsAroundTheworld Muti-Cultural Art Film Music Dance Forum Festival in planning stages to be announced.

*December Art Exhibition with Josephine Frost and Friends Qld