I am a founding member of the Ngapala Arts Incorporated Copley South Australia…contact naai.copley.sa@gmail.com

Lynne Sealotus Art /sculptures available at the Launch of the New Gallery in April 2017.

Ngapala Arts is the first and only reconciliation Art Group in South Australia working and healing and collaborating together with Aboriginal Peoples through the Arts.

All of my images are available on Artcards. They are $25 for 6 plus postage.

Black Panther by Sealotus Pastel on artcard.

Maurice Namatjira (second pic attached) and Joshua Ebatarinya(first pic)smaller

Both Collectors Items from 1960's Hermansburg Artists..as taught by Albert Namatjira..Maurice is Alberts Brother.Joshua Alberts Nephew. They come with a Statutary Declaration of Authenticity...Donated to us from One Intention Earth Fiona and Mark Reynolds.Both in Pristine condition and framed. Make an offer Maurice Namatjira from $2000 upwards and Joshua Ebatarinya from $1500.

Please contact Sealotus on email: sealotus1959@hotmail.com ph; 0477842684


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Yulu Kingfisher